Rakhi Gifting Ideas for The Brother Who is Close to the Heart

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that has been celebrated in the country since a very long time. Rakhis tied on the wrists of brothers and gifts being exchanged on this very day. Sisters spend all of their days finding that perfect Rakhi for her brothers and in return brothers used to reward their sisters with the best gifts and riches. Now time has changed and so is the gifting decorum. Nowadays sisters also give their brothers gifts on Raksha Bandhan and tell them how special and worthy they are.

Rakhi gifting is not a humungous task. It can be dealt according to the choice of one’s brother. Depending upon the taste of the individual, gift giving can be modified and lot of ideas can fly around accordingly. With these unique and Best Rakhi Gift ideas made for those special brothers, the glee of this auspicious festival will increase manifold:

Travel Bags:

These days people want to get away from the hardships of life and take a break from reality to explore what Mother Nature has in store for us. For those freedom seekers, this gift will be a treat. These bags are the most practical gift that one could give to their brother (www.rakhibazaar.com/brothers-rakhi-117.html). A duffle bag or a backpack for all the things that are needed will be wholesome. This will boost up the freedom streak inside him and will become favorite gift for Raksha Bandhan.

Phone Cases:

Phones are the inevitable part of every person in today’s generation. Be it a simple one or a sassy high profile one, everyone has it. Buying a phone case as a gift will be very handy and unmistakable. There are many choices of designer covers available nowadays at any online as well as offline stores. This will qualify as the Best Rakhi Gift Idea for all the brothers.

Cricket Set:

Every guy loves to play cricket at some point in his life. So for that sibling, who has a new found interest for cricket, give him a cricket set with all the equipments inside it. This sporty gift is new as well as very innovative and thoughtful. This will bring out the innovative side of the sister and will be the best gift for the brother.

Beer Mugs:

For the brother who is fond of collectables and enjoys a little wee session, here is a new idea for them. There are different types of beer mugs available in the market that is so different and beautiful to look at. They come with varies prints, colors, sizes and shapes. People can also make their very own customized beer mugs to give them a bit of a personal touch.


For capturing the essence of the festival, camera as a gift will be very apt. this gift will surpass all the gifts as it will be a time capsule of all the events in his life. This gift is very thoughtful and unique and will be very useful to capture the events of life and to keep a memory of them with the brother always.

These unusual and Best Rakhi Gift Ideas will be the new face of gift giving and will become most wanted and most adored gift of all time. These gifts will surely light up this Raksha Bandhan for all the siblings. So wishing every sibling in the word a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016!

Rakhi to Australia: A Definite Way to Elate Your Loving Brother Situated Therein

With Raksha Bandhan festival closing in, we can see many souls who are already in the festive mood. Raksha Bandhan is not only a big festival but it is also one of the most revered festivals in India. Far and wide the festival is celebrated with much fun and excitement presenting gifts and sending wishes. Every Indian celebrates this festival with full enthusiasm and interest cutting down distance barriers that hang between them.

Unlike olden days, today you can celebrate Rakhi with much gaiety from anywhere. Even if your brother can’t make home on this fete do not be disheartened because you can send wish your brother by sending beautiful Rakhi to anywhere such as Rakhi to Australia, USA, Singapore, Philippines, etc. You can include varieties of Rakhi along with other items such as Rakhi Sweet to Australia, Rakhi with chocolates to UK, Rakhi with dry fruits to USA, etc.

At Rakhibazaar you can explore different assemblage of Rakhi for this fast approaching occasion. Myriad collections of Rakhi are available on this online portal. Make your brother jubilant on this Raksha Bandhan by sending the most beautiful and most appropriate Rakhi utilising the following suggestions:

Designer Rakhi for your brother in Australia
Rakhi designed beautifully using various motifs and patterns will be suitable for your brother situated in Australia. Designer Rakhi is well known for its style and fashion. It is one of the trending Rakhi in recent days. This Rakhi is the improvised version of traditional Rakhi which is simple and plain. This Rakhi use latest print and fashion that caters the growing want and demand of the buyers and senders. For your fashion freak bro this Rakhi will be an awesome surprise.

Lumba Rakhi for your brother in Australia
Every types of Rakhi have its own unique style and appearance. These days, people are becoming choosy when it comes to styles and designs of Rakhi. Beautiful lumba works attached to this thread has made all the difference. The beauty of this Rakhi is not only in its outward appearance but also the serene affect it gives to the wearer is something you cannot ignore. Your brother in Australia will feel special wearing a lumba Rakhi.

Swastika Rakhi for your brother in Australia
Siblings love has no bound and limit therefore, on this Raksha Bandhan you should make your brother feel blessed by sending tender yet meaningful swastika Rakhi. Swastika Rakhi will give a sense of being protected from any evil forces because people believe swastika to be a symbol of protection, safety and good fortune.

Navratna Rakhi for your brother in Australia
Precious stones are always precious and this Rakhi made of various precious stones will give the impressive effect on the wearers. It is easily procurable and can be purchased as and when required. This Rakhi has a stunning look and it is eye catchy. One look at the Rakhi will grab your attention and I’m sure your bro in Australia will be so glad to wear them.

You can also convey your deepest love and affectionate to him through Rakhi such as Rakhi with Sweets, Rakhi with chocolates, Rakhi with dry fruits, etc. Depending on the number of sibling or brother you have you can make your pick. If you have more brothers living there, you can send set of Rakhis such as set of 2 designer Rakhis, set of 3 precious stones Rakhi, etc.

Rakhibazaar.com is an online portal that offers wide collection of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts that can be utilised by you while sending Rakhi within and outside India. If you want to get a good collection of gifts and Rakhi for this upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival you can visit the above mentioned site.

Rakhi to London – Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2016 with Fervour and Joy!

Raksha Bandhan is the most favourable day for siblings living in India and outside India. One’s love for ones siblings are displayed everyday but Raksha Bandhan is a special day exclusively made for siblings to show their love and affection for each other. On this upcoming festival what you can do for your dear siblings living in London is make him feel special and loved by sending him the most suitable Rakhi.

You can Send Rakhi to London in an effortless way by making use of the prompt delivery service therein. I’m sure your siblings over there are missing you so much why not send the best type of Rakhi and make your presence felt. There are ample collections of Rakhi available at Rakhibazaar through which you can make your pick.
Make your celebration worthwhile and memorable by sending the best Rakhi for your siblings living in London. No other love can be purer than the love shared by siblings. Here are some suggestions that can be utilised by you while buying Rakhi for your siblings in London:

Tender Mauli Rakhi

As Raksha Bandhan is round the corner everyone is excitedly preparing for the right moment to arrive so that they can let go of this anticipation in the most joyous manner. Mauli Rakhi is a very special type of Rakhi that is used often on this occasion. This Rakhi is very beautiful and popular too. You can make your sibling jubilant with this inviting piece of Rakhi on this day. Mauli Rakhi will be a gentle way to express your love for them.

Beautiful Zardosi Rakhi
Among others, this Rakhi is one that stands out from the rest when it comes to appearance. It is very attractive and glamorous. Rakhi that is attached with this lovely looking zari is quiet popular among the sender. This Rakhi is used for a long time yet the popularity has not gone till today. It will be a great idea to send this Rakhi to your bro living in London as a token of love and affection. Your bro will be humbled receiving such a lovely Rakhi.

Splendid Swastika Rakhi

Since ages this Rakhi has been widely used for it has attached to Hindu mythology. Swastika is viewed as a symbol of luck and fortune therefore, people use swastika to wish good luck and good fortune. So, on the upcoming festival you can send this beautiful and meaningful Rakhi and make him feel protected and blessed.

Adorable Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi needs no further introduction, it is already popular. You can convey your warmest greetings and love to your brother through this adorable Lumba Rakhi. I’m sure your brother in London would be happy having them.

Theistic Divine Rakhi

This Rakhi is very precious and has lot of significances and the name ‘divine’ itself speaks volume about this Rakhi. For your religious and theistic brother sending divine Rakhi will be an exceptional idea. I’m sure he will have the feeling of being looked after and protected wearing this Rakhi.

For making the celebration more complete and enthusiastic, you can also check out other varieties of Rakhi such as bracelet Rakhi, handcrafted Rakhi, diamond Rakhi, silver Rakhi, golden Rakhi, etc. you can also send for your sibling Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with cake, etc for your dear sibling in India.

Make your exploration more fun and wider by visiting www.rakhibazaar.com. This is an online directory that provides wide collection of Rakhi for the upcoming carnival.