Lumba Rakhi : A Thread of Love for Dearest Bhabhi!

Raksha bandhan is the festival that celebrates the bond of sibling hood and strengthening of the loving bond between brothers and sisters. This day is observed by the people all across India and abroad as well by the people belonging to Indian origins. The day brings together all the members of the family, focusing on peace, love and fraternity amongst one another. So, this year, with Rakhi celebration only few months away, people are getting busier into buying the best rakhi threads for their loved ones.

The joy of Rakhi festival is in tying the sacred rakhi thread around the wrist of brothers and the loving bhabhi too. The Rakhi tied around the wrist of a sister-in-law is known as Lumba Rakhi. With passing time, Lumba Rakhi is gaining huge popularity these days.

The Lumba rakhi is a very special rakhi type specially made for the sister-in-laws. The sisters tie these rakhis to their sister-in-laws. It is a traditional custom in the Marwari community of Rajasthan where the married women wear these rakhis along with their bangles. On the day of rakhi, the sister ties the rakhi thread not only to her brother but also to her wife with the belief that her Bhabhi completes her brother after marriage. With a wish to make her relation with the brother and her wife eternal ,the sister completes the ritual to take blessing s from both. Though originated from Rajasthan,  this tradition has become quite popular and women from other parts of the country can be seen sporting these rakhis on the festival day.

The Lumba Rakhis are pretty different from the traditional rakhis in terms of appearance. These are more slender, more vibrant in colour than the traditional ones mainly meant for men and boys. Their unique colour and design make them beautiful and appealing when complimented with the traditional Indian attire. So this year treat your bhabhis on this pious occasion and send Rakhi to India or other parts of the world. At, the Lumba rakhi section comprises a huge array of attractive lumbas for your dearest bhabhi.

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The sudden demise of my father eleven years back left me and my mother on her last legs. Had it not been for the sheer grace of God and the strength provided to us by my maternal uncle, my mother’s brother and his family, life could have had been very cruel to us. As far as I can remember Mamai, as I call my uncle, took us into his house, his family and his life.

I was in just standard nine. It was with the help of my uncle and aunty that mom soon started supporting me and my studies. Mamai had helped her get a good job in my father’s office. Soon I completed my school, my engineering and got myself a good job in a reputed firm.

It was with my placement that I had to move out from the residence of my Mamai and also the city itself. I relocated with my mom. Soon we had to leave the country and today we are settled in California. All this while we had been in regular contact with Mamai and his family, he has a daughter, my cousin sister Romi. She is very close to me and we are in very close contact in spite of the distance between us.

It is on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan that my mom misses my Mamai the most. Recently when I have been chatting with Romi, she confided me that even Mamai, now aged missed us quite badly. Rakhi was knocking on our doors and so I often saw my mom reminiscence over the past memories when she celebrated this day with my uncle, aunty and their family. Here in California life can get only fast and very lonely. Though I try to spend considerable time with mom, yet I sometimes can sense the void that has been created by the absence of my dad first and then her own brother.

This Raksha bandhan I had good mind to cheer up mom here and Mamai in Kolkata. Rakhi Bazaar is the online site for rakhi shopping that I visited just few days back accidentally. This is a wonderful site that offers you with a stunning array of beautiful rachis and gift hampers of other raksha bandhan gifts such as sweets, chocolates, flowers etc. They have the system of an express delivery that ensures that your hamper reaches its destination right on time.

My uncle loves cake. Hence this season I thought of wishing him rakhi with cake and also a beautiful raksha bandhan gift from Mom. I ordered for a delectable Chocolate Truffle Cake so that Mamai can have an utterly sweet rakhi with cake. So I shopped on this site with my mom who was really happy to make all the required arrangements. On the day rakhi is being celebrated in India in the evening, as per Indian timings, Mamai gave a call, telling that he had received our gifts. Mom was so happy. Truly Rakhi Bazaar made my day!

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What a joy it brings to let you know that Rakhi celebration is just at your door once again. You are excited for this upcoming festival as you look forward to celebrate with your beloved siblings staying in Philippines. All you need to do is Send Rakhi to Philippines through Online Rakhi Delivery and express how much they mean to you.

At Rakhibazaar you will get wide range of Rakhi and Rakhi Threads from where you can select which one to send to your siblings. Sometimes we tend to get confused while deciding the types of Rakhi to be sent. All your confusions can be kept aside as we take you along and suggest some of the best collection of Rakhi to send to your siblings staying far and wide. These are:

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You can send fanciful Rakhi to your siblings in Philippines. If your siblings are cheerful, lively and energetic then fancy Rakhi will be a good choice because this Rakhi is known for its attractiveness. They are made from many attractive materials and attractive designs and are the favourite of many, especially brothers. Rakhi designed in fancy colours patterns, designs and eye catchy materials have gain popularity and it will be a wonderful idea for you to send one across to your siblings.

Traditional Rakhi

If you want to express your love and care to your siblings by doing it in simple yet meaningful way then traditional Rakhi will do you a good service. Sometimes the bond we shared among siblings are strengthened and renewed by showing and expressing our concern and care for them and to do this sending traditional Rakhi will reminisce the way you used to celebrate before.

Designer Rakhi

Designer Rakhi is not only good looking but they are unique because they are designed by designers. If your brother loves wearing designer items then send him this Rakhi. Designer Rakhi are improved version of traditional rakhi. Designer Rakhi is made by blending not only innovative ideas but with many designs and styles and significantly enhance the beauty of Rakhi to a large extent.

Handcrafted Rakhi

Handcrafted Rakhi is one among many other types of Rakhi that simply stand out. They are carefully and wonderfully crafted by hand. You should send handcrafted Rakhi to your siblings in Philippines and make them extra special. Handcrafted works are of high value and are rare to get so sending handcrafted Rakhi will remind your siblings the value of love and care in a relationship.

Bracelet Rakhi

Bracelet Rakhi is one of the most trending Rakhi, it is very popular among young people and if your siblings who stay in Philippines love wearing bracelet then on this auspicious occasion you should send bracelet Rakhi which they can utilize even after Rakhi celebration. There are bracelet Rakhi in many designs and styles.

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Celebrate the Festival of Rakhi by Sending Rakhi To India

In India the celebration of Rakhi holds an immensely important sociocultural value in the life of people. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great splendour and pleasure all throughout the country. It is the only Indian festival that glorifies human relation that rings large between a sister and a brother.

Almost every Indian family celebrates the day with full grandeur. Sisters tie the sacred Rakhi thread around their brother’s wrist and pray to god for their brother’s safety and victory against all odds while brothers, in turn, vows to take care of their sisters and promises to stand beside them through thick and thin. After this sacred ritual, the household engages into frolic, fun and feasting.

To make the festival more enticing there is exchange of Rakhi gifts to express the heartfelt greetings. But in today’s era of globalization many people are compelled to live abroad due to career and work situations. Away from friends and family, these overseas individuals always yearn to connect with their far-away loved ones for special festivals and occasions. And on this day of Rakhi, the siblings back in the foreign land nurtures a strong desire to send Rakhi and Rakhi gifts to India for their loving siblings and give them sheer happiness.

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The website has contemporary and vivid styles of Rakhi gifts in different price range enabling you to select and send suitable kinds of Rakhi gifts to India. Rakhis like designer Rakhi, kids Rakhi, silver Rakhi, bhaiya-bhabhi Rakhi, diamond Rakhi, bracelet Rakhi, lumba Rakhi, archies Rakhi and Rakhi combos with cakes, chocolates, puja thali, sweets, dryfruits, greeting cards and flowers and many more are sure to make your loved ones’ heart fill with joy.

Apart from these, there are exhaustive collection of Rakhi gifts ranging from chocolates, cosmetics, fancy bags, accessories, fruit baskets, photo frames, coffee mugs, perfumes, sarees, soft toys, apparels and other gifting options that are sure to enrapture your near and dear ones in India.

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Rakhi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It commemorates the essence of the love shared between a brother and a sister. This occasion involves the pledge of the lifetime practice of the spiritual, cultural and the moral values.

On this auspicious day, which is held in the month of August, sisters tie a rakhi around the wrist of brothers, which is considered a symbol of protection. This sacred thread pulsates with the sublime sentiments and sisterly love. In turn the brothers pledge to protect their sisters from all kinds of evil and dangers all throughout their lives. Rakhis are generally made of silver, gold and silk threads, along with intricately designed and crafted sequins and embellished with precious and semi precious stones.

Exchanging gifts is an inherent part of this festival. Many a times gifts express sentiments that words cannot express. They are the token of endearment and through a simple gift the emotion of love is expressed. With the rise of e-commerce, there has been a paradigm shift in the shopping process.

Now, just before the festivals, the local markets are not found thronged with people trying their best to find the suitable gift for their brothers and sisters from the limited collection the shops have to offer. The online shopping stores have come as a huge help for the buyers. They provide a platform for the gifting process that saves effort, time and money for the customers.

These online shops like rakhibazaar offer a wide variety of rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters to choose from. Sisters staying abroad make use of these online stores to buy the right gift for their brothers. The most popular and traditional gift preferred by NRI sisters is the assorted dry fruits rakhi hamper. Some of the other popular rakhi gifts 2016 are the designer rakhi with personalized mug, rakhi with almonds and choco treat combo, lumba rakhi with a wholesome surprise that includes chocolates, dry fruits, other Indian sweets and Ganesha idol.

Send rakhi to India for your beloved brother from the exclusive collection offered by, that includes mauli, kundan, gold, premium stone, swastika and traditional rakhis. Along with the rakhis you can also select the most suitable gift for your brother from the exquisite rakhi gifts 2016 collection offered by and make the rakhi of 2016 memorable for your brother.

You can never go out of choice while selecting the rakhi gift for your brother from the extensive collection displayed by the online gift stores that include rakhi thali with a pack of sweets, chocolate hampers, flowers, cakes, rakhi dry fruits pack and a whole lot of other gifts.

Other gift options for brothers include the desktop gifts, T-shirts, gadgets, accessories, iPhone case, pen, key chains, cufflinks, coffee mugs, cushion, chocolates, toys, photo frames and a whole lot more. Thus, send rakhi to India along with these gifts coupled with flowers, cakes, chocolates or dry fruits to compensate for your absence in India for the celebration of this festival.

Make your brother’s rakhi special with a bunch of roses, hand crafted designer rakhi, chocolates dry fruits and utility gifts. Your absence can never be compensated with gifts but this token of love and remembrance would fondly be cherished by your brother.