Top 5 Rakhi Choices to Buy Online and Send to Brother in USA via!

Do you wish to send Rakhi to your dearest brother residing in USA? Well then it’s never a matter of problem as you can do it with much ease at rakhibazaar that is a trusted name for online Rakhi selling portals of India. This time the site has come with many new and unique ranges of Rakhis to buy online. Moreover the portal is offering the customers with the facility of Rakhi delivery to USA.

Like every sister you must be desire to spend a cheerful time with your dearest brother on the upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebration day, isn't it? But if any way your brother could not make it to be there with you on this Raksha Bandhan, right? For many the situation is same because of work commitments or because of residing too far from each other, reasons can be many. So is it making you upset? Well it’s obvious to feel so if not being able to meet your dearest brother on Raksha Bandhan.

Thus to help every sister in conveying her heartily feelings of love and care to brother residing miles away in USA, Rakhibazaar has come up with a vast array of beautiful and colorful Rakhi threads ( at amazing price point. All that one needs is to go through the range of Rakhi to USA, choose the best one for brother and send it online to brother residing in USA, UK, Canada or anywhere across the globe.

Here are few suggestions on Rakhi choices to make at Rakhibazaar, such as:

Kundan Rakhi:- For your dearest brother one of the most beautiful and dazzling Rakhi choice is the Kundan Rakhi. These are available in beautiful designs and patterns. Also brothers love to wear and flaunt it among others. It’s a Rakhi of a jewellery kind.

Kids Rakhi:- For the sweet little younger brothers, the site has a vast variety of Kids Rakhi to choose and buy online. To make little brother happy and excited, Kids Rakhi is available in vast variety of cartoon prints, designs and patterns to make choice from.

Premium Stone Rakhi:- For your dearest brother, a very beautiful variety of online Rakhi available at Rakhibazaar  is the premium stone Rakhi that is available in amazing designs patterns and colors. In fact premium stone Rakhi varieties are also available in variety of amazing color patters, crafted with colored stones.

Bracelet Rakhi:- Another very stylish Rakhi option to choose for your stylish brother is this Bracelet Rakhi. It is basically a Rakhi variety that is available in a bracelet form and can be easily worn as a Rakhi. Thus it’s a Rakhi that your brother will love to wear as a Rakhi as well as a bracelet too.

Auspicious Rakhi:- For your dearest brother who is more inclined towards spiritual world, the best Rakhi to choose for him is the auspicious Rakhi. Such Rakhi are available in many auspicious designs and shapes like swastik designs, Om letter designs, god or goddess printed designs and many other patterns to make choice for.

So this time when it is to send Rakhi to USA to your dearest brother then this time log on to that is now catering its customers with a vast range of online Rakhi to choose and buy online. Also it’s prompt delivery of Rakhi to India and worldwide makes it an ideal stop to send Rakhi online to brother on this Raksha Bandhan 2015. So hurry to choose and buy Rakhi online and surprise your brother in USA.

Kins Are Kins - Thank Them for Being There with

Anjan got transferred to USA and so I had to leave my loving in-laws back in Mumbai and flew all the way to this new place. USA is very advanced and a nice place to be, if you do not have to leave your family back. As Anjan leaves for office I feel really bored and start to miss my family; thinking now and then about them and I go deep in my memories from India.

I have never known a real family since my parents died when I was young. I was brought up in a boarding school and I struggled my way to an engineering college where I met Anjan. Since then he introduced me to his family and I am proud to say my life changed for better. I found heaven on Earth! My mother-in-law always treated me just like her daughter. Shalini i.e. my sister in law and my father-in-law always made sure Anjan was there for me whenever I needed someone. Shalini is 10 years younger to me yet I have never met such a matured and sensible person in my life. So it is hard not to miss such an adorable family right?

My mother-in-law called me up few days back to remind me that rakhi is approaching and that we should celebrate it over internet. On asking her how, she explained everything that is to be done. She informed me of Rakhibazaar and told me to be home in case any parcel arrives during the time of the festival. Shalini has planned to send rakhi to USA for Anjan and I was expected to keep mum about it. I was amazed to find that Rakhi Bazaar is such a useful site that stores varieties of rakhis and gifts. I had no idea such a site was in operation and that people somewhere spare thoughts to prepare rakhis and gifts to sell those over internet.

But how do I plan a surprise return gift without telling my partner, right? So I was maintaining two worlds!I told Anjan about that site with an idea thatwe should send something back to Mumbai to our family as a return gift too. Anjan wisely chose a rakhi with Pooja thali ( Ma since sheloves to pray. Shalini is all excited and told me she wants to send rakhi to USA and that I should not tell Anjan about this.

Somehow Ma got a whiff that some rakhi with pooja thali will be approaching her way. I am thinking may be Shalini spilled the beans. I will get back to her regarding this later though. But all is well planned. I even chose a big box of assorted chocolates for Shalini and a box of dry fruits and nuts for Baba. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that all goes well and rakhi approaches pretty soon. I just cannot wait any longer for it, lest all the surprises gets exposed!

Love Has Many Names and Family is One of Those

Surabhi, my daughter got married to Shrinjan this April. I am yet to swallow the pain of having to part with my youngest daughter. Namrata, my older daughter moved to Las Vegas with Shyamthe year they got married; that is in 2010. And my only son, Agam is posted in Noida, where he is working as a senior software engineer. Surabhi was the only one left to look forward to and now life has reduced to me and my husband, Anand.All that I do these days iscomplete my daily chores pretty early and wait for my darling children to call me up.

My son is the youngest of the lot; hence there is nothing my daughters would not do when it comes to him. When Agam was born,I fell terribly ill. I can never be thankful enough to my daughters for looking after him while I could not. Since then, I have noticed an indomitable bond between them. What else pleases a mother but an unshakeable bond between her offsprings?

Last year when Surabhi  was yet not married, we planned the rakhi together inviting Namrata and Shyam from Las Vegas and Agam from Noida. To honour my request, Shyam managed a few days offhis busy schedule and Namrata flew to Kolkata. Agam too managed a week off and came rushing to home. I celebrated rakhi like never before. With the help of my adorable daughters, I cooked many dishes and completed the pooja rituals in time.

Duly each of the daughters tied rakhi on their brother’s hand and eagerly poked him for gifts. Surabhi even tied a rakhi on her brother-in-law’s wrist. The festival ended with Anand taking us all on a long drive towards North Kolkata in his car. It goes without saying I was head over heels in joy, having to spend such quality time with my family.

This year I have invited them all again but I was quite sure Namrata, Shyam and Agam will not be able to make it this time. Surabhi is coming over next week with Shrinjan. I have a plan that I am going to finalize with my daughter as she comes over. Surabhi and I would together find a good gift along with rakhi from Rakhibazaar and send rakhi to Patna. I will tip off Namrata to do the same and send rakhi to Shrinjan here in Kolkata too.

I want to send rakhi to Patna via because I know Agam will be quite thrilled with the quality of products. He has recently been into online shopping and parcels interest him very much. I am also sure Namrata will send rakhi to Kolkata to gift his brother-in-law. As Shyam will be in Kolkata during Rakhi, I asked Namrata to send it here. I am pretty sure Shyam will like this welcoming gesture. I am hoping things will go just fine, not that I need to worry since Rakhibazaar is a very reliable and responsible website.

Different Types of Rakhi and the Significance

Wondering how to send Rakhi to Canada the easy way? The answer to your worries is right here. Rakhibazaar exhibits a wide display of varieties of rakhis and return gifts. One can send rakhis and rakhi gifts to India ( from abroad vice versa.

Here is an outlook on the different types of rakhis available on our website: 

  • Rudraksha Rakhi: For people who believe in the notion that rudraksha seeds help one gain and store positive energy, there are special rudraksha rakhis available on our website for them. We have ekmukh, charmukh and panchmukh rudraksha rakhis available for you. Also these rakhis are made fashionable with addition of coloured beads and threads.
  • Pearl Rakhi: For subtlety lovers, we have put efforts to design pearl rakhi. If you are in for a unique rakhi for your brother and at the same time would love to have it subtle but stylish, then these should impress you. We combine pearls of different shapes and colours to give each rakhi an eccentric touch. 
  • Kids Rakhi: There are special rakhis available for kids. As per their choices, there are angry birds, Bal Ganesha, Doraemon rakhis available. You also get to choose kids rakhi hampers or combos where teddy bears and chocolates are provided with the rakhi. These make a perfect gift for the little ones, who can always do with an extra bar of chocolate or a soft toy. 
  • Bhaiya Bhabi ki Rakhi: There are rakhi sets displayed with two rakhis in each. One who ties a rakhi on her sister-in-law’s wrist along with her brother can gift this rakhi set to the couple. Also rakhi sets with more than two rakhis that is in set of 3, 4 and 5 are also available in our website.
  • Sandalwood Rakhi: There are rakhis made of pure chandan andrakhis with sandalwood smell infused in it. Sandalwood essence being an essential part of Indian rituals is sure to make your distant brother reminiscent of home. 
  • Gold, Silver and Diamond Rakhi: For someone who falls for bejewelled and precious metal rakhis, we have an entire range of gold rakhis, ilver rakhis and diamond rakhis. The love that glitters in your heart should always outshine on his wrist right? So for that bling rakhi,choose one right away for your sibling.
  • Navratna Rakhi: Rakhis embedded with 9 different coloured gems honouring our ancient faith and cultural significance is right here. Choose one beautiful navratna rakhi for you brother and let him know howmuch you love him.
  • Mauli Rakhi: The sacred thread that protects you from harm and bad luck is now used to make rakhis. Tie one on your loving brother’s wrist to keep bad luck away.
Other than these, there are designer, swastika and handcrafted rakhis available. We have tried to keep up with the changing taste and brought about evolution in designing rakhi. If you are looking for the perfect rakhi that you have been dreaming of, you might find it at Rakhibazaar.

Know Your Festival and How You Can Maintain the Traditional Touch

Rakhi is knocking on the door and preparations are in order. Indeed this festival needs to be grander than the last one. But this year your loving brother is miles away? There is no need to be dejected because we work hard to lessen the distance between you and your love done, at least when the festivals come over. Check out Rakhibazaar for Rakhi delivery online. Also our wide array of unique rakhis and gift combos would surely leave you awe-inspired.

We have given few distinctive touches to our range of rakhis but have remained deep rooted and kept the traditional versions. One such tradition is to present a rakhi in a Rakhi thali. There is a diya or an oil-lamp, tika or sindur, rice, sandalwood and incense sticks. It also contains the rakhi to be tied and sweets. The thali is the same as the Pooja thali used for deities.

Conventionally, the sister keeps all harm away from her brother with flame of the diya, puts a tilak on his forehead and ties a rakhi which is the symbol of a strong bond becoming stronger. It is a ritual which only reminds us every year that our sibling is the one who is always there for us through thick and thin. So why should your loving brother, being miles away from home, miss the true essence of the festival? Not if you are shopping from Rakhibazaar no more. We feature Rakhi thalis with all the essential ingredients in it. Choose from silver to mud thalis, some with sweets and nuts while some with chocolates. Send one to your brother far away giving him the feel of home and family with your love.

For those who rely on a very homespun and modest celebration, we provide you with budget friendly rakhi. People with budget constraints too can check the rakhi for sale option in the website itself. It features cheap rakhis that are totally within your budget. Also those are chic and stylish. So why delay? Send cheap rakhi to USA ( or any part of the world the trouble-free way.

Rakhi delivery online is now a kid’s stuff. All you have to do is open the website, choose the rakhi and gifts to go along with it and then in the payment getaway,fill up the required details. Then with few clicks of a button the parcels will be dispatched and sent to your desired address.

Always remember it is our duty to urge on and enliven a homesick sibling living miles away from us. What better option is there but to send him gifts, cards and sweets time to time? We know on this rakhi distant siblings are going to miss each other giggling on a stupid topic or laughing their heart out over a joke. That is why we end eavour to store all you ever want to gift in one website for your convenience.

Send Rakhi Gifts to India and Feel More Connected Through

I had to stay in Qatar for three years because of my husband’s posting. During my stay, I had met many people who became close to us. I still remember the day when I landed at the airport with my husband and six years old son. I was little bit apprehensive about the place and the people out there. But slowly I became accustomed about the place and slowly started liking it.

You must be wondering why I am telling all these when it is an occasion of Raksha bandhan. Yes,I am going to share that how the bond is important –it is not only the blood relation which always stands out but there is something beyond that. In Qatar, our family was introduced to a family (John da and Jhum) out there through a common friend. But that meeting changed my way of looking at relationships.

I am not a very open person and cannot mix up with everyone but with them something clicked. From day one, we became very close to both of them .Believe me- I don’t know why John da started calling me his little sister from the very first day which was little awkward for everyone out there who knew him from long time. He is a person who hardly talks to people freely. That made me curious to know the reason but after asking several times I never got any answer.

With passing times our families shared good and bad times together. And then the day came when I was speechless. It was one day before Raksha bandhan when John da came up to our house and said ‘Will you mind tying rakhi on my wrist?’ I also do not have any brother so had never tied rakhi to anybody and never expected it. That day he told me that at a very early stage of his life, he lost his little sister and I remind him about her.

He is a gem of a person and he has proved me that we should never lose faith in God for any reason. He has become an elder brother of mine in true sense and has supported me and my family through thick and thin. We are no longer in Qatar.My family has shifted back to India and John da is in Germany with his family. But the distance has not loosened our strong bond. Every year through, I make it a point to send him rakhi and Rakhi to Germany and it is same with my brother. He never misses this occasion and Send Rakhi gifts to India through this online service.

The online service of Rakhibazaar has made both of us feel connected with their personalised touch. They provide a wide collection of rakhi gift hampers.You can select different kinds of rakhi of your choice and send it anywhere across the world. If you select Rakhi to Germany, they will make it sure that it reaches to your brother on time with all the things like sweets, rakhi and other items you have selected. We have trusted their service for last five years and will go on doing so.

Growing Trend of Buying Rakhi Threads Online

Raksha bandhan is a major festival for Hindus not only in India but all over the world. It is not only the sisters and brothers living in India that observe the occasion but also many people living abroad for various reasons like business, livelihood, education, research etc. that observe the auspicious day. The rakhi day which falls on the full moon day in the month of Shravana in India has become a part of the traditional Hindu culture. Rakhi threads indicate the eternal love and affection and unbreakable bond between the brothers and sisters.

Sisters looking for rakhi and brothers looking for rakhi gifts for their sisters have the choice of shopping either from online stores or from offline market places. Today, when practical course of life has resulted in siblings staying far from each other, e-stores have ensured preserving the tradition by helping to send rakhi threads, roli-chawal, pooja thalis, sweets, dry fruits and rakhi gifts from one city to other and from one country to other as well.

It is not necessary for either of the siblings to be present physically in proximity to one another. It is now easier to Buy rakhi online ( as numerous rakhi stores have come up offering innovative rakhi ideas and choices. Similarly, these stores also offer unique and innovative ideas for the brothers to send rakhi gifts online for their sisters.

There are multiple reasons why buying or sending rakhi and rakhi gifts have become the trend of the day. First of all; it dispenses with the requirements for the sender to run from pillars to post in a busy and crowded market place searching for their desired item. Instead they can carry out the search sitting in the cool comforts of their own homes. Entire transaction can be carried online from selecting the rakhi, paying the prices, placing the order etc; in turn making it easy to send rakhi and rakhi gifts abroad. For instance; a sister located in India or USA can Send rakhi to UAE online.

As rakhi season approaches fast and is around the corner, it is important for the sender to know about the latest trends in the market. Internet has ensured that the siblings are never far apart despite being located to far corners of the globe geographically. It is now possible for sisters to send rakhi to UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, or any other distant land with ease. Brothers can reciprocate with gifts and gift hampers to delight the sisters.

This means that the sacred Rakhi thread that marks the eternal bond of love and affection between the brother and sisters won’t remain a distant dream for brothers and sisters living far apart, even thousands of miles. Thanks to the growth of online stores like the that not only provide a host of options for choosing the right rakhi but also offer the best possible customer services in the industry and quality goods at affordable rates.

Do Not Just Miss Your Dear and Near Ones - Bring Them Close with

Few days back, while coming from office I suddenly realized that the shops are loaded with beautiful rakhis. The very moment took me back to the days of childhood.Rakhi used to be very auspicious celebration in our house. We used to wait for that day as all my uncles and aunties used to come to our house for the ceremony. My mom used to cook variety of sweets and all those things which my uncles used to like.We used to have puja and then the rakhi tying ceremony. The next episode was the most important one for me as I used to wait for the Rakhi gift from my brother.

Yes, my little brother.I miss him like anything. He is so far away. I know he has gone for good to Germany. But, such occasions make us nostalgic and we cannot help it. I remember how he used to fight with me about the kind of Rakhi –it had to be of his choice. If he didn’t like the design, he used to cry out loud. He used get more irritated as I used to make fun of him and he refused to give me my gift. Those days will never come back.But as I know his choice, I can definitely send him a Rudraksha rakhi (, which is his favourite.

One of my colleagues told me about Rakhi delivery online to any part of the world through Rakhibazaar. I was not very sure about their service. But when I enquired about it, I was impressed and I decided to avail the service and surprise my little brother.For the last three years, I have been sending rakhi to Germany. I know my brother also misses me and his country equally. This year, I selected the Rudraksha rakhi from the wide range of rakhi collection as I wanted my brother to recollect his childhood days. Moreover this kind of rakhi adds more auspiciousness to the occasion.

The best part of the service this year was that the rakhi was delivered exactly on the day of rakhshabandhan.My brother could not believe his eyes and I could easily imagine how happy he was.He called me up to say something but was not able, as his voice was choked with emotion. Rakhibazaar has given me the opportunity to stay connected to my brother.

After that sweet memorable experience, I have made it a point to send rakhi to Germany every year along with some gift hampers. Rakhibazaar offers you a varied range gift items and that too within your budget, along with varied rakhi options. The process of shipping is also very simple and hassle free. They give you exact details and you can even track the delivery of items ordered. To bring happiness on my brother’s face is what gives me satisfaction.

Celebrate Rakshabandhan with fashionable Rakhi Sets

Unique Ways of Rakhi Celebrations by Different Cultures

The pious rakhi festival is also popular as ‘Rakhi Poornima’ in many parts of India. According to the Hindu calendar, the holy month Shravana is an ideal period to worship Gods and perform pooja. The day of the full moon is the most sacred day in this Shravana month. Raksha Bandhan unites people of different cultures and makes us realize the importance of living in harmony and love. This Indian festival is very famous all over the world.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Rakhi Poornima in some places, whereas South Indians celebrate Avani Avitttam. Thus, different communities celebrate the same festival in their own unique ways, due to regional differences and cultural changes.

The Commanding North India

The essence of the festival doesn’t change; brother-sister bonding is revered and strengthened. In the North side of India rakhi is popular as Kajari Poornima and the Goddess Parvati is worshipped for a good bountiful season of harvest. The mythological story of Lord Vishnu and King Bali with Devi Laxmi is acknowledged in these parts. In all the cultures, giving and receiving gifts is part of the rakhi festivity. Send rakhi gifts to your relatives in North India on occasion of Kajri Poornima through courier or online gift e-shops.

The Mesmerising West India
The Western Indian land of Gujarat celebrates rakhi in their own unique way, they perform a special pooja to Lord Shiva and offer the ‘pachagaivya paste’ and fasten it around the Linga. While people in the Western Ghats do pooja to Lord Varuna (Sea God) and throw the Prasad of coconuts into the deep sea for the Lord. This unique mode of celebration is known as Nariyal Poornima. Send rakhi gifts to your friends in Gujarat in form of beautiful figurines of Lord shiva or rakhi threads with pictures of Shiva god.

The Beautiful South India

Let us now turn our attention towards the south of India, where the pious Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as ‘Avani Avittam’. It is a very significant south Indian festival for Hindu Brahmins, who start the day by reciting Gayatri mantra and tying the holy thread called Janeyu on their person. The Janeyu symbolises vedic rituals and adherence to Hindu traditions. Gifts such as devitonal CDs Gayatri Mantra CDs, Holy books on Gayatri Mantra and Bhagwad Gita will be well accepted. Send rakhi gifts to your South relatives through domestic courier services or through reputed rakhi e-stores.

Nowadays, people use the fastest technology- Internet to reach their loved ones in virtual land. Sending gifts is very convenient through online shopping. Sending Rakhi to Singapore sister or London brother, e-way is the best medium. E-gift stores help us connect to people in any corner of the globe; their prices are affordable with the promise of timely delivery of gifts.

Reliable e-shops like can help potential buyers to choose an ideal rakhi gift pack or hamper to be sent to local Indian cities or foreign countries. Be sure to get discounted rates and other special seasonal offers from them.

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Send Special Rakhi Gifts to your Sweet Bro in India!!

When Came Calling

I’ve never been a fan of the online shopping spree that has become so popular in recent years. With the introduction of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, online shopping can be conducted at almost any time of the day, no matter what the location is. In spite of its many advantages, I have always carried a disdain for online shopping. I just find the old-fashioned method of going to a real shop more appealing. But in this blog I will reveal to you about the one occasion when an online transaction actually made me the most thankful person ever.

My brother left India for the USA several years ago. He had got through at a leading university. After doing very well in his academic life, he decided not to return to India, instead opting for a job that paid really well in the USA. Ever since my brother left India, the family home has felt very empty. It is especially on the day of the numerous occasions that I seem to miss him incredibly.

Belonging to a somewhat liberal Hindu family, our parents never forced us to participate in many of the festivals. But one particular exception for both my brother and me was the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This festival, approached more casually than any other Hindu festival, used to put us in the limelight, and we would not just feel loved by our family and relatives, but also feel loved by each other. The tradition of tying the sacred Rakhi around my brother’s wrist never seemed to get old, and the ensuing celebrations would keep us occupied and entertained throughout the day.

But my brother’s move to USA made Raksha Bandhan celebrations a thing of the distant past. We do communicate with each other on the auspicious day each year, but gone are the fervent festivities and celebrations. They have been replaced with customary phone calls, and sometimes a little bit of video chatting.

I really wanted to send Rakhi to USA ( for a long time, but just couldn’t figure out how to Send Rakhi Online. There were a host of sites which I knew I could use to send gifts across to the United States, but being the old-school person I am, I wanted to send a Rakhi.

After a lot of searching on the internet, I discovered Rakhibazaar, a website that specializes in Rakhi gifts and accessories, and truth be told, for the first time in my life, I was thankful to online shopping. To  Send Rakhi Online with the help of  has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions of my life in recent years, and it has worked wonderfully well to restore the great bond that my brother and I shared.

He was very pleased to have received all his Rakhis and gifts on the day of Raksha Bandhan, and he told me how neatly everything was packaged. The prompt service and choice of gifts convinced me that whenever I have to send Rakhi to USA in the future, I will trust only Rakhibazaar. 

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Make Your Close Ones Feel Special with

Last year,I was helping my son in wrapping the gift which he was supposed to give his sister the next day. It was Rakhi Poornima. He wanted to surprise his sister.So it was a secret mission for him. I was the one to assist him. Believe me, I was feeling nostalgic as rakhi brings all fond memories of childhood- all the celebration, fun, attachment, love and what not.

It has been almost three years that I have not seen my elder brother as he has shifted to France for work. So the question of tying rakhi on his wrist is like a dream now. It is only the memories which I can re-live. But I was taken to surprise on that day and was almost into tears. I never ever imagined what surprise was waiting for me.

There was someone at the door and at the same time my phone was ringing. I picked up the phone and also started moving towards the door.It was my brother on the phone and in his own style was telling “Go… the door”. I could not make out what he was telling.As I was already at the door,I opened it and a man with asmile on his face was there holding a box which was nicely decorated. My brother over the phone was telling “Surprise!!!…..Take the box….open it…Happy Raksha Bandhan….”.I was thrilled and didn’t know how to react. It was a parcel from my brother through

I just cannot tell how happy and excited I was that day. I could recollect how I used to fight for my rakhi gifts every year during childhood. Just because of Rakhibazaar I and my brother were able to treasure that moment. The box contained a photo frame with a picture of ours and loads of chocolates which are my favourite sweet. Tears with happiness rolled out and my little son was looking at me not knowing what to do.

As I belong to a very small town of India, I really had no clue about such online services. But now I know everything about them as I tried to visit the store for a return gift for my brother. They offer various kinds of packages which include a wide range of gift items from sweets to memento; you just need to name it and it is there. Not only gifts,the services of this website can also be used to deliver Rakhi Thali to your brother with all the traditional ingredients needed for the rakhi ceremony like rakhi thread, roli, chawal etc.

They would ship your Rakhi gifts to France or any other destination.This entire process of ordering and shipping is very convenient as they take personal care by giving tracking code and do a proper follow up. The best part of the service is their personalised touch that too at an affordable price.
Again this year it is my turn to surprise my brother by sending Rakhi gifts to France along with a Rakhi Thali as it would remind him of our traditional way of celebrating it. Thank you Rakhibazaar to make us feel special.

Exciting Rakhi Gifts Online is Deliverable to Metro Cities in India!!

5 Ideal Choices to Make To Surprise Your Brother or Sister on this Raksha Bandhan!

Are you feeling excited for the upcoming festival of Rakhi? Well you definitely must be, right? So what are you planning to gift your brother or sister on this Rakhi? No matter if you wish to buy and Send Rakhi Gifts to Australia to your dear sister or brother, this blog is definitely going to help you in getting best idea for Rakhi gifts to buy and send online.
Undoubtedly Raksha Bandhan that is locally referred as Rakhi is one of the most awaited and exciting festivals of India. The festivals is basically a day of celebration of the brother sister relationship. As per the rituals sisters tie the sacred thread of Rakhi on brother’s wrist and prays to God for his lifetime well being and success. In return to this brother’s present his sister a token of love that is referred as Rakhi Gift.

Now when it comes to choose the perfect gift for brother or loving sister, it is always very confusing thing for all to come up with an idea. But if you choose to buy Rakhi online, then you are sure to get many amazing ideas to surprise your brother or sister. Also if you are residing far away from your brother who is in Australia then you can also send Rakhi gifts to Australia as well.

So few such Rakhi gift ideas to choose to buy online are:

Personalized Cushion:

One of the most trending, affectionate and expressive gifting option for Raksha Bandhan to choose gifting your brother or sister is this Personalized Cushion. A plain cushion featuring some memorable pictures of you and your dear brother or sister with you or personalized with a brother or sister love quote is sure to make your brother or sister feel loved and happy.

Rakhi with Cake:
For your dearest brother you can also make a choice for a Rakhi with Cake hamper as well. No matter if it’s not his birthday, anniversary or any such celebration but its Rakhi festival and Cake can be part of any celebration or festivals to add more happy moments into it. Moreover a cake can be a perfect gifting thing to surprise him and make his day an unforgettable one. You can also send Rakhi with Cake to brother.

Basket of Chocolates:
On Raksha Bandhan usually people gift their brother or sister a box of traditional sweets as a token of love but you can make it more cheerful for your dearest brothers or sister by gifting them a basket full of chocolates. All you need to get different kinds of chocolates and arrange it nicely in a decorated basket. Your brother or sister is sure to cheer up in joy on getting it.

A Leather Backpack:
These days’ leather backpacks are very much in trend among all. So be its Rakhi gift for brother or Rakhi gift for sister, gifting a trendy leather backpack for brother or sister can be a great idea in gifting them with something useful. All you need is to choose the best suitable one and fill the bag with chocolates. He/she is sure to love this gift.

Personalized Photo Frame:

Another very affectionate Rakhi gift for you is the Personalized Photo Frame. All that you need is to get the frame personalized with some memorable pictures of your dear one. And gift it with a surprise to your dearest brother or sister.

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Sending Rakhi and Gifts Online is Now Easy

Having a sibling in your life is a wonderful thing. Due to geographical distances, many of us have been missing the happiness of staying with loving brothers and sisters. The love and bond shared among the siblings is something that cannot be defined. It is an incomparable emotion.

I must say I am a fortunate sister of an affectionate brother who always loves me. We’ve been like friends and have spent some real memorable times together. Marking the happiness, everlasting bonding and our love, we celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan every year like all Hindus do. This festival has always been special to me.

This month I would be getting married and thereafter will be settling in Australia. I would be moving to a beautiful place and I must say it is my dream destination as well. However, in the month of August I will definitely miss something more precious than anything else. It is the Raksha Bandhan festival that has always been close to my heart. The irony of life is that I would be with my beloved, but my brother would not be around me. Since the time of childhood, there has not been even a single year that I have not celebrated Raksha Bandhan with my brother. The rituals of the festival are very important to me and this makes me feel secured.

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You can check out for different types of Rakhis through their website such as Kundan Rakhi, Mauli Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Navratna Rakhi and a lot more. My favourite is the Rudraksha Rakhi that I would be sending to my brother for the Raksha Bandhan this year. These are well-designed and I believe it will mark the grace of the occasion. Rudraksha is always considered something precious and giving something precious to my brother is what I actually want. I am also planning to send him a Rakhi Ganesh and this is intricately designed and I am sure by sending this to him, it will help in his progress.

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